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Singing Glasses – Changing Tone

Singing Glasses – Changing Tone Like I didn't get in enough trouble with Ms. Manners from┬áthe other Singing Glasses video, I decide to push my luck and explore the sound being created again in this ... more»


Singing Glasses and Sympathetic Resonance

Singing Glasses and Sympathetic Resonance Miss Manners definitely will not approve of this video or its sequel, but science (and O Wow Moments)┬ámust not be held back! In this episode, we're going to explore sympathetic resonance. ... more»

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Well Honk My Goose

Well Honk My Goose Is there anything more wonderful, more melodic, more relaxing, than listening to quiet, gentle music played by professionals? Well, that isn't going to happen in this O Wow Moments episode. And ... more»

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Musical Card Cacophony

Musical Card Cacophony Recently, I purchased one of those cards that played music for my daughters. Being only 2 and 4, they LOVED it - coolest thing ever. And I was a very ... more»


Speak to Me

Speak to Me Ah, the speaker. A simple wonder of science and engineering. Something we take for granted as we listen to the radio in the car, hear error sounds from our computers, ... more»


Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations Just like the classic Beach Boys song, we're focusing our attention on sound. Nothing fancy, just sound. How do we hear sound? Simple - vibrations! Sound is created when something vibrates. ... more»


Singing Fish Dissection

Singing Fish Dissection I LOVE taking apart things. It's great to see how engineers designed things and figure out how they tick. Often, it is the first step I take when trying to ... more»


Oboe? Oh, Boy!

Oboe? Oh, Boy! Why does a piccolo sound so high while a tuba sounds so low? It's all about pitch! Pitch, or frequency in physics terms, is a way of measuring sound, specifically ... more»


Musical Instruments IV – Office Supply Washtub Bass

Musical Instruments IV – Office Supply Washtub Bass In our recent O Wow Moment video Play It Again, Mr. O, we featured the kids making several different instruments. We used a full-size version of the washtub bass during ... more»


Musical Instruments III – Straw Oboe

Musical Instruments III – Straw Oboe The Straw Oboe is a fairly common instrument - you can google it and come up with quite a bit on the topic. Here's a quick step-through of how to ... more»